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Laughing at her movies

Laughing at her movies

Interesting year 2012 proof to be. Both December babies. From false alarms to ashtma attack. One can wonder how much excitement a person can take. It all boils down to December 6th 2012 when Charlene Isabel Goh Hui Ling bless us with our presence.

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Visiting Singapore can be extremely fun and relaxing. However, not for my wallet. Either my salary havent been increased or prices in Singapore have skyrocketed. Still, the standard of food and services can be… unbelievable!

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Time flown by so fast. While Cailtyn reaching two soon, her curiosity have sparks so much trials and error. Not to mention, pushing her luck with us. Nevertheless, it has been much excitement seeing her experimenting with new things. Even in shower, she takes time examining and playing.

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Unreponsive Home Button on your iPhone 4? Join the club. It has been a well know problem with iPhones and yes, it does cost if you are out of warranty. It has serve me pretty well.

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