By now, you would be hearing some info or news about Harina Sari vs. Redang Bay Resort in Malaysia. Argument over an underage sister going out late at night with hotel staff . Alcohol. Party. Gathering from two side of the story translating from google translation… OMG… Anyway, here’s some of the clip from FB post.

霸道无理REDANG BAY RESORT少东兼负责人不但纵容自家员工未经过家人同意擅自带未成年少女(我的小妹)午夜外出,待我们发现苦找2个多小时后,请他帮忙打电话找。当时已经是半夜2点多,结果10分钟后小妹回来了,他的员工却做贼心虚往后方溜走!他身为负责人不但没道歉还理直气壮以家人教训少女不当为由,指我们在他的地方闹事,不只恶言恶语还脱衣摔地上耍流氓,当我们不理他请他离开,他还说这里是他的地盘叫我们滚出去!待影片过后他来游说希望我不要把影片po上网,不过讲一堆歪理,他居然跟我说如果小妹嘴巴教不好就让她烂,我问他如果是他自己家人要误入歧途,难道他不会去劝告或阻止吗?结果他亲口说他以前和他哥哥去拿毒品!!!哈,我真的觉得他脑袋坏了!试问哪个长辈,父母和兄姐是可以眼睁睁看着自己的晚辈,孩子或弟妹误入歧途,堕落而不管的?我真的见识到一个冷血无情,澳洲留学的斯文败类!有怎样的主管就会教出怎样的员工!请大家如果带家人去那里或去哪里都好,一定要时时刻刻关注他们,不然后果不堪设想!

The video have been viewed around 400K by the time I finish this blog entry.

Seriously, from an outside perspective, there is more holes than a swiss cheese. Have a view of this video decide on your own. Here’s the link:

In my opinion (but whose asking?) however, there is more wrong on the female part than the guy. Here’s why..

1.) Underage sister? How old? 5? 10? 16 years old? As guardian and elder sister (or whatever), how come you’re not looking after her in the hotel room? Dont tell me she’s at the party too and managed to sneak out?

2.) Assuming that they’re at disco. Party rules, Go in a group, leave in a group. [No exception, no excuse! Or else, don’t go party at all.]

3.) Underage sister with hotel staff? Err….. didn’t anyone in your group make ground rules before going to party or going out? If lost, where should one be? Never drink open bottles or take offer from stranger…etc..etc…etc…. so on.

4.) Posting this video out and bagging your younger sister in Facebook? Perhaps one should examine their own standing before justifying bagging the resort. Not a wise decision after all. Since its a family affair in a way.

5.) Did anyone count their lucky stars that their underage sister is safe? or perhaps in a hypothetical situation, the hotel staff had to follow her to prevent harm or silly action e.g: swimming in the beach late at night. Frankly, even the hotel is worried if something happen too… (not good for business and fung shui)

6.) There is some claim stating that abuse of underage sister in hotel grounds/public area. **End of discussion**.  The first person who uses physical should get their head examine. Never bring family matters out to the public. If one chose to discipline, perhaps in the room or front of the elders? Better still, in the morning when everyone are calm with clear mind (away from alcohol).

As for the manager of the resort, seems that standing in silence or calling security would be better off  instead of trying to reason and argue. Maybe just say “sorry…. sorry… sorry… I didn’t keep a close eye babysitting your underage sister while you’re partying.”

p.s: google translation still needs more improvement.