Call me weird, or perhaps nuts. But most people simply hates the cold. For me, its puuuurrrffeecccttt….
Yep, that’s right, you heard me.. I just love the cold weather of winter. Nothing can beats romanticism or perhaps the cold winter chills that. Unless you’re towing kids along, heck, you can hug them to keep warm. Or perhaps, giving you the exercise to keep warm!

Being in Asia, I have been using Air conditioning for as long as I can remember, but natural cold, wow, it does give you a great sleep and discipline. All it takes is the right gears for winter. Wool sweater, track pants, down blanket and wool undershoot to keep body temperature. If you’re single, best to have your gf/bf next to you. Married, no problem, just hug wifey unless she starts complaining about your snoring!. If you don’t have any, get a dog or cat, it works the same way.

Here’s the most frequent question, “Why don’t I move?” Well, if its start to snow here, problem solve, right?