Wow.. I couldn’t believe its been several years since I updated this site. With family these days, I could hardly find any time doing my own photography or scuba with kids these young.

Speaking of time, having several months of polishing website, it finally hit me today when I received an email from our long time hosting bluehost dot com disabling the 2016 website stating that there is malware/virus. No warning, no reports, no notification, nothing.. Just a flip of a switch. That’s where TOS (Terms of Service) comes in.

After several months of spams using them as host, Today’s issue got to me. Upon asking for more information, I had to wait for almost 1 hour trying to chat with them to no avail, then calling them using skype only to get spin around from one department to the next without shedding any info about why and how it got hit.

Oh.. that’s not all, I finally got to speak to a pro, who advise me that it would cost US$900 bucks to get it all fix, plus a firewall and virus scanner with the hosting server. Yes, i would say its a great offer. BUT, small time business in Brunei for US$900 bucks? Not that i earn a couple of 100K quarterly from the website!!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I managed to have it restored from the backup provided by the hosting company,  only to met with oh, you site is still infected. err… waaa.. the f***. Why provide a backup when its infected in the first place? Wouldn’t a high class hosting company with ample experience would scan for viruses before backing it up??

After 7 hours of circle for some guy like me whose not that kind of techno savy, nada… After all, I went with you because you’re willing to assist and direct me to the right course of action instead of clamping up. I used to received which file is suspected and iron out each and every file. Remember Bluehost?

So here’s my point, after all those competitive advantage, marketing testimonial about 24/7, speedy recover, no problemo blah..blah…blah… why is that people like me still end up with the same problem 7 hours ago?

Here’s my point;

1.) You could have told me I need to shell out more mula

2.) Get the original backup ready. No.. not that one we did for you. So even if you have your own backup ready, which file is the infected one?

3.) No, we couldn’t help you much since we want to up sell you more.

4.) Best of All, download public_html and scan it, its there!.. really?????? No Sh*t!

5.) I been getting a lot of poor service lately. From email spams and joomla hosting with them.

I sure miss those time when Bluehost are genuine in their services. Sadly, more to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, they used to be very good. It may be a matter of time before my wordpress domain gets burn.