Blogging… definitely not for me. If you checked the dates, its over a year since I wrote a single post out. Just that, I simply don’t know what to write these days in Brunei?

Hence, if you notice, I am testing out the this template to see if I could switch its role away from blogging. As I played more, it seems to be design only for blog and social events which, as a parent, father of two princesses, has hang his boots up.

So, don’t be surprise if this whole blog goes missing with Error 404. Two probability has happen;

1.) Switching hosting provider
Yeah, Bluehost isn’t the kind of people to go with. I face my fare share of issues with them that even if I have an issue, its better to solve it myself. So whats the point of their advertising and promises? 

2.) A new look, a new chapter
That’s right. In the mean time, I will be continuing to use this. BUT don’t be surprise from here till Feb, there should be some big changes.