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Does sound like TV drama.

By now, you would be hearing some info or news about Harina Sari vs. Redang Bay Resort in Malaysia. Argument over an underage sister going out late at night with hotel staff . Alcohol. Party. Gathering from two side of the story translating from google translation… OMG… Anyway, here’s some of the clip from FB post.

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Age of discovery

Time flown by so fast. While Cailtyn reaching two soon, her curiosity have sparks so much trials and error. Not to mention, pushing her luck with us. Nevertheless, it has been much excitement seeing her experimenting with new things. Even in shower, she takes time examining and playing.

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Quiet Sunday

Seriously, life can be too peaceful in Brunei. Its peaceful, safe and quiet. Even a turtle can testify to it.

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But then again, its good to hear laughter from kids in the pool. Plus, we really get to go out with Baby C when time allows.. How I miss the sea!

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Some food shots…

If you ever wonder what I have been eating, here’s some of the variety of food which shall I say, have been enlarging size horizontally… Taste good but side effect is better! Who says my wife don’t feed me well?

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Just a quick note

I know… I havent been updating this blog. But I will after today when I get all my work done. Seems that everything comes at one go!


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