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Innovative kitchen

Looking for shark fins (dont worry, I didnt eat any), Try Chinatown (Yaowarat) in Thailand. Here, you get everything. From herbal medicine to variety of dried seafood including sharfins.

Those poor sharks. I still had the imagines of how baby milk sharks got caught in Jerudong market. They were alive when I purchase them for 8 bucks to be release back into the sea. 

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Ooops… Not too late

Somehow, I forgot to set schedule for this entry to publish on the 19th April 2011. Hope you all make time to enjoy some rare food at Spaghettini in Empire. The chef really knows what he is cooking with fresh food. And his talent! A WOW Factor.

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A special thanks and lots of love to my special wife for hosting this dinner event for me on 18th April 2011. She made all arrangement with the head chef of Spaghettini on the special menu for 10 people. We spend it with all our love ones and hope that they enjoy those rare dishes created by the Chef.

Not to mention, he personally explain all the creation and took care of all our request to make this night enjoyable.

The chef is a Bruneian who work in Australia for quite sometime. His experiences are unique as most of the dishes are his specialities that is created for this events.

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Some food shots…

If you ever wonder what I have been eating, here’s some of the variety of food which shall I say, have been enlarging size horizontally… Taste good but side effect is better! Who says my wife don’t feed me well?

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Its a Wonderful World

Its a big event.. especially when its 70th Birthday. Packed with fun and excitement, there was much laughter which we are lacking of for a long time. Especially when there is team work to ensure its success.

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Seldom we have such gathering unless there is a special event. 5 times in 10 Years! So, its a special event in both ways to speak of. Boy! I do miss this so much. Spending time appreciating what we have at the moment. And it ends on Monday when everyone goes their separate ways. Back to home, work and University.

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A Perfect Evening

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For any Birthday Dinner, what was the worst that can happen? How about losing a dinner reservation by the restaurant that you made reservation with! Not even an apology was ever made despite this mistake.  

Call it fate or destiny, we ended up right back at Deal’s Sheraton where the original plan was supposed to be. At first, the waiter gave me a round table for 6 people. Later when I got back, he swap it with a square table and to top it off, it have extra space to accommodate up to 13 people without any problem.

Yeah, there was some information which I never wanted to disclose to my wife especially how many people are coming over for dinner. At the end of the night, from only 6 guest including me, it doubled to 13 guest! Best of all, everything went from so wrong to so right.

Best of all, Its so GREAT to be YOUNG again!

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