Welcome to www.ihc-bwn.net

As Brunei Darussalam is small knitted society, we are bound to see each other sooner or later. Its not surprise that we have already met before.

Hobbies that interest me are Photography, Scuba Diving, Movies and writing this blog.

Mainly because reality comes in as hard evidence that are presence in our life. Pictures and words don’t deviate from the truth that express imagination of that individualism. There is no point denying what we face each day. As Barrack Obama says “Its time for Change.” For society these days, the word change is more than just one word. Its developing skills and knowledge. Life is a never ending learning curve  which we try to adopt from our interest.

The goals in my life is still the same. Learning, reaching to certain knowledge in my passion and looking after my wife. Yesterday, my wife asked me a good question, “Why does my answers to any questions is normally Yes or No and not Maybe, Perhaps or Looking into it?”. Absolution is the best policy especially preventing any confusion. It also answer most of my questions here. Will I every improve? Yes, Will I love my wife forever, Yes… and it goes on.

Recently, I add on a new section in my blog. Its called Photography Gallery. Each picture are enclosed with EXIF information that helps all Photography addicts (like me) learn the settings which I use. Please use anything pictures with respect and don’t take it for profitable cause unless you decide to purchase some rights to the photos. 

One last note, if you have develop a keen interest in Scuba Diving, drop me a note. Consider Scuba Diving an alternative world. Its never boring if you see underwater world alternatively every time there is a dive. The peace, tranquility and adventure of looking for new life which was overlooked previously. There will be a new page for diving very soon. (This is one of my goals).

In the mean time, take care and live well. Hope to see you around Brunei soon.