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Should we feel for a project?

Here's a good question, Should anyone have feelings in Projects? Most people will answer "Yes" but in actual fact, I learn through a process of NOT associating any feelings at all. Sometimes feelings are directed to personal attack or going emo-ape (emotional).

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Its only a spark……

Can you imagine, one fine day, fire broke out at your business or your home. Imagine this, everything literally went up in smoke. If it didn’t, it would be soaked in water which requires write off. There is simply no way of salvaging any of your memorabilia (photos, legacies?) or stock.

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Yes, you may be able to pick up your life, like this guy below who managed to jump right off the balcony during the start. Thank goodness he did not break any bones or lost his life from smoke inhalation. He managed to get out in the nick of time. Luckily, he heard two stranger (my colleagues) shouting across”JUMP”.But.. But… what about his belongings. Or what about his money, bank books, passports, I/C, etc..etc.. etc… which are important to him. The only thing he has are clothes and his life right now, at this VERY MOMENT! Thank is lucky star, he read the message extremely well during the 10 seconds of decision making. His awareness of survivial “I MUST LIVE” kicks in.

Imagine, if he made a mistake, run back in? What would the outcome be?

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For most of us, who has never been in his shoes, its definitely time to take appreciation and gratitude that we are alive, healthy, continuing to make mistakes, learning, moving on and laughing, of what we really have. It took “fatherhood” to remind me of the treasures, happiness, priorities, and joy. Yes, I admit, spending time, changing diapers, smelling her butt, cleaning puke, burping, rocking her to sleep are enjoyable and well spend as she has grown so fast in just 4 months!!

Never mind about the small issues in life, all obstacles/mistakes no matter how small or big it is? Its a lesson learn. Doesn’t matter how old you are, journey will never end, unless… ahem!,  for example: Including the recent bungle… or perhaps a better definition would be, screw ups. And the choice of my actions (since its MY MISTAKE/FAILURE), Acceptance, Announcement, Acknowledgement, learning, planing, re-planning, learning, re-negotiation. (Moving on).

In perspective, the choices made, has been tremendously joyful and honor. But making mistakes and learning from it has been a better teacher than success. A better person? Maybe? A better life? could be, Fear? No, A shot to my ego/pride? Don’t need them, I BELIEVE I CAN DO IT BETTER… The real truth is a much more of happier happiest moments and enlightenment.

If,… There were to take another route, fighting for the believe that my mistakes are right and justifiable to the actions which I undertook. What would be the outcome? Try put these into equation… so you decide how it would look?

Perhaps all it takes is a spark(hopefully NOT) for actualization. It took less than an hour to go up in smoke but it sure takes a life time to build.

George Bernard Shaw once said:
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” –


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Long time no see!

Cant believe how lazy these days I am. To the point that, I forgot the password for my blog!

It has been a long time since I blog apart from a greeting which I made recently. Anyway, Puasa is out and Hari Raya is in! Yay… Food.. food.. and more food! For some of you, please drive carefully. I know there are lots of houses to visit, but yesterday and today, I nearly bump into one car. Either in a rush or trying to beat last year’s record on how many houses to visit!!

Here’s some a good picture which we went to Rozana, Rozi and Haslan’s house for celebration!. Thanks everyone for the invite.

The CV Gang

Here are some pictures below.. Ok… We were mean to sweet Liz. Force feeding wasnt part of the deal But.. but.. but… she always sweet..

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Check out my facebook page for more pictures .

Love how reality speaks….

Around 8 months ago, I was told that I am being too hard on some of the decisions, people or friends. So I made a decision, if I am hard on people then I rather make it a point to lossen up. However, I used the most powerful tool “Trust” to ensure everything runs well.  Its a rare commodity, that no one would dare to just give it away.

Well, I did. That decision proves to be disaster.

Not only was it broken, but an abuse of privilege on the freedom granted. The twist was so far backwards, only time will tell. One might say, oh, too much relaxation or perhaps the responsibility wasn’t there.

But the funny thing was, it a decision which one makes, internally. Be it friends, collegues or by person of authority. We tend to find reasons(more of an excuse) for it or perhaps an action that justify the means. For the sake of comfort, then again, everything happens for a reason. True character of a person can hide when facts are there to prove otherwise.

The truth be told, that most of us knew about it. We chose to keep it away from particular person(s). Is it betrayal? You decide. The worst crime, we chose to do nothing. Not one, nor two but all. Sounds familiar? Perhaps it sounded like … well… politics…

Politics can swing both ways. Its a double edge sword. The environment we create, irrespective how we find reasons and shift blame, will never wash away for who we really are! Shocking isn’t.

Today, someone told me, if we have the wrong color in the wrong place, its no surprise how everything turns out the way it is. It took me a long time to think about it. So long in fact, the whole morning wondering if reality hits me.

Funny thing though, tonight, I put this same question to another person. Its the wrong color, what are you going to do about it?

When you’re up and down Fast!

One thing about expectation, when you really get your hopes high, boy!!  it really gets real high to the point that I lose reality.

For this past couple of days, trying not to show my excitement, I felt as if I was a 3 year old boy getting his first ice cream. Waiting, waiting and waiting… its the wait that really got me into a frenzy.. And  to act cool as if, nothing really happens. (Yeah, trying not to jinx it).

Upon hearing the news which meant not to be, I really drop down to the level of basement.. Oh boy.. Down and out. Literally, speechless!

Really felt like hiding in a shell if I were a turtle! Oh well, that’s what you get when getting all hopes high. This all sounded like a test.. A test on us.. our characters, patience,  partnership, and love for one another.. Sound odd, huh?

Sound familiar to this situation? Do you treat one another differently? Added disappointment, isn’t it!


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