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Category Archives: Diving in Brunei

Truth about underwater photographer…

Today, I received a phone call from one of my fellow underwater photographer in Kuching, Malaysia. Sad news,a fellow diver drowned his Nikon D3 due to improper cleaning on his housing seal. The cost of clean up and re-investing his camera would take around 2-3 months of his paycheck.

But all these can be survived. As some of you have purchase Canon housing. Due care is important. Especially clean up procedures must be consistence with extra care. Even a spec of sand or hair around the seals would compromise the whole housing! That is how delicate it is for underwater photography.

The truth is, there are ways in surviving a leaking underwater housing. Better to have some chances than 0%. Well most men might think this is crazy but even well known divers do use the same tactic. The trick is, Sanitary Pads/Napkins! What a miracle.. Yes, I use them every time I go for a dive. Just cause you can’t see it doesnt mean that its not there.

And quit complaining about sanitary pads/napkins. They do absorb water well and prevents water moving about. For less than a couple of cents, it would save your couple of hundreds or thousand dollars equipment. And you think as men, you never use it in your life. If you decide to think ALTERNATIVE, well diapers could be use however, fitting it into your underwater camera housing could prove very challenging! Especially compact sizes.

I use around 4 pcs each month during peak diving season (I wonder if my wife found out) whenever I pull my dslr housing out. It works for Canon Underwater Housing too.

At least the chances of surviving a leaking housing is there. To further prevent total lost, I would suggest installing a Leak Detector. It can be obtained from Jeff Mullins. For all those dslr users or Canon Powershot G series user who dive with them, SERIOUSLY, you should consider it for just USD$27.00 (excluding postage to Brunei)

Drop into his website and have look. Other brands that are available there.

One might say, it will never happen or perhaps I spend $$$$$ to prevent this from happening. Well, if you read your manuals during scuba diving courses, 4 bars is good enough to compress anything underwater. Why not a dirty seal or crack seal? Anything can happen!

And there have been enough of these happening in Brunei.

Running??…. Huh… Me??

I have always taught running was never my forte.. Water, definately. I always felt the sea is where I belong. Swimming, jetsea, diving or any sea sports, you’ll see me there.

In my most recent deep dive, my body began huffing and puffing since my last 4 months. So here I am, what should I do? Crash diet, wipe carb out of my diet or challenge myself in another new thingy….

Nearly a year ago, my wife purchase this nike+ for the Mac.. hmmm… I joined her too. Anyway, Husband and wife doing the same thing together. It would be good.. She can do her other stuff while I jump on the runing bandwagon..

Its has been challenging though. First, the old sensor conk out. Next, I had to re-calibrate a couple of time. My calories haven’t been calculated after a long run.. but finally, everything worked out fine. Finally!! I can see my progress. Too bad this site don’t have an add on for wordpress.

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As normal human being, consistency is now crucial. Can’t let my stats come down all the sudden. No carb intake.. boy.. there goes my lovely bread!

Oh yeah, Aaron… start laughing.. Even I laugh at myself..

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

By the time you read this, its almost two weeks to 2010. Surprising how time have shared with us the good, bad and ugly. Through time, we have made big decisions, some are significant while others, well, still on the works.

But then again, 2009 bring great memories for me. It was a time where Brunei experience a great flood and power outage. It was also the time I had my wedding dinner for friends at I-Lotus. Mind you it was like a sauna in there but there were great laughter! So much that we forgot all about the heat.

Of course, not all were the best of times. We share some sadness and fraustration along the way. We lost friends but gain new ones.  Its parts and parcel of life but then again, there were more happiness than sadness if we chose to go with the flow rather than against it. There experiences which we discover along the way. We chose to work situations out, looking at perspective which we never did and the best part is, it does work so well for me, that is… (remind me to ask my wife).

The greatest lesson, even though its not my lesson to learn, came knocking on my door as my wife made her biggest decision. As her Lilli Lingerie,  KK store draws closer to 20th December 2009, I notice that its not all about success that drives great happiness, its relationship. Which I respected her for learning this lesson. Right till the end, there was much love, support, drive, concept and ideas which was shared between us and her work.

There were times I put her dreams before me. For her to fly as high as possible in her dreams. To the point that she thinks why am I asking her to stay in KK most of the time instead of being together. Well, its her dream. Dreams are shared. What can I say, for every successful man, there is a good women next to you and vice versa.

To give up a passion for togetherness, that is a ultimate lesson, I salute her for being brave and to achieve what everyone taught it was impossible. Irrespective of the wealth, status and success it derives, there’s always an opportunity for new creativity.

Simply Bliss

A couple of months ago, I mentioned about over fishing in Brunei waters. Well, surprise how mother nature gave us a second chance. On a recent trip, I was bless with the amount of underwater life have shown us. How bliss can one get?

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Perhaps there is hope after all for those sea creatures. Provided they don’t bomb the hell out of it. Although distance and travel time was far, we got there in one piece.

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Scuba Diving – American Wreck – 160809

Photography Gallery have been updated. And so have the camera too. EOS 50D have been used to capture these pictures.

Unfortunately, visibility is terrible for a wide angle lens. Not to mention strong surface current. Practically, you need to fin as much as possible to stay where you are or you’ll end up in Labuan as an illegal immigrant!

Our first dive was at American Wreck while second dive was at Pilong Rock (safe and protected from strong current). Here are some of the dive buddies which were on the trip.

Location: American Wreck
Visibility: 2-3 Meter to above
Current: Strong surface current but none at site
Bottom time: 30 mins
Max Depth: 25 meters.  Min Depth: 20 Meters

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The American Wreck lies south-east of Rusukan Kecil Island, 1.4 km away from the Australian wreck and about 24 km from Labuan. It is the USS Salute, a US Navy Minesweeper built in Seattle, Washington in 1943 by Winslow Marine Railway and Shipbuilding Co. It was first put into service in Hawaii in 1944 escorting convoys between Pearl Harbor and several ports in the Far East. Later it was involved in intense action, providing protection for anti-aircraft vessels and submarine, as well as minesweeping. After several minesweeping operations in the Philippines, the ship began operating in Brunei Bay where it struck a mine in 1945. Nine US sailors lost their lives when she sank. Today this fifty meter long and ten meters wide wreck offers ample marine life and all kinds of sponges and algae have started covering the wreck.


IMG_0072 IMG_0174 IMG_0194 IMG_0215 IMG_0979 IMG_1241 IMG_3224 img_0079 CB7C5887 CB7C0742


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