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Really? Bluehost 7 hours of circles!

Wow.. I couldn’t believe its been several years since I updated this site. With family these days, I could hardly find any time doing my own photography or scuba with kids these young.

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Baby here, pooh there

Interesting year 2012 proof to be. Both December babies. From false alarms to ashtma attack. One can wonder how much excitement a person can take. It all boils down to December 6th 2012 when Charlene Isabel Goh Hui Ling bless us with our presence.

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Its new… No, not really

Its back again, and this time, its better, newer and its not New site. Just a facelift (consider it a plastic surgey). Like all facelift, it came with a price. So far, I calculated, the pictures in this site have gone (almost 70%). Apart from that, all post and pages are recovered. 

Right now, I left like a crash dummy who just came out of crash test!

How everything went wrong in the first place? We'll get to that later. 

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Site upgrading

Hi All,

Please bear with me now. I am trying to upgrade this site to a new template. Somehow, the instruction isn’t what it’s suppose to be!


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