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Site upgrading

Hi All,

Please bear with me now. I am trying to upgrade this site to a new template. Somehow, the instruction isn’t what it’s suppose to be!

7 Months and Counting

Yes I admit it… My worst fear. Fear that men hates to admit. Domestication!! The correct definition of Domestication; (from Latin domesticus) or taming is the process whereby a population of animals or plants, through a process of selection, becomes accustomed to human provision and control.

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Philippines. Land of Mangoes! YUM!

Enjoy a short holidays? Try Philippines. Especially when treating as a photoshoot sessions in the land of happenings. Even on normal streets, you’ll be surprise what can crop up. This trip brought a lot of memories from previous trip I made. Except, its much more faster pace. Think of it as fast forward where time counts every second.

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But beware and never forget to look behind. Although streets may sound safe, you’ll never know what surprises can creep up.

Tempted to give some of my unused coins to this orphan boy, who is doing his business and drinking ice cubes at the sametime, sadly I was advice not to. As there are others around the corner.

In this trip, there are more street kids than before. Only the toughest will survive. Close to cultural center, I came across a bunch of kids who were bullying this little girl over her toy which was stolen by someone within the group. The youngest will look for big brother or sister for protection against other group.

From this trip, I learn that simplicity is the key for happiness over there. Where the Rich are REALLY RICH while the POOR are REALLY POOR. Literally. Nevermind about the material object, education, health or wealth when it comes to survival. Only Food and happiness counts!

Enjoy the rest of the photos from Phils. For better resolution, check out photography gallery with high quality pix.

The ironic part is, while happily click on my camera, I forgot to buy REAL mangoes instead, I only got packet mangoes! SOB SOB!

Overall, a value for money and experience to learn from in Phils.


Photography Gallery updated!

Hi All,

I promise to write more but right now, seems to be tied with updating Photography Gallery. Enjoy..


steven-lili-3111 IMG_0457 IMG_0585 img_9260 img_9342 CB7C5937 CB7C0740 CB7C1327 CB7C1323 IMG_2491


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