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Miss that beautiful cold and wet weather!

Call me weird, or perhaps nuts. But most people simply hates the cold. For me, its puuuurrrffeecccttt….

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Philippines. Land of Mangoes! YUM!

Enjoy a short holidays? Try Philippines. Especially when treating as a photoshoot sessions in the land of happenings. Even on normal streets, you’ll be surprise what can crop up. This trip brought a lot of memories from previous trip I made. Except, its much more faster pace. Think of it as fast forward where time counts every second.

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But beware and never forget to look behind. Although streets may sound safe, you’ll never know what surprises can creep up.

Tempted to give some of my unused coins to this orphan boy, who is doing his business and drinking ice cubes at the sametime, sadly I was advice not to. As there are others around the corner.

In this trip, there are more street kids than before. Only the toughest will survive. Close to cultural center, I came across a bunch of kids who were bullying this little girl over her toy which was stolen by someone within the group. The youngest will look for big brother or sister for protection against other group.

From this trip, I learn that simplicity is the key for happiness over there. Where the Rich are REALLY RICH while the POOR are REALLY POOR. Literally. Nevermind about the material object, education, health or wealth when it comes to survival. Only Food and happiness counts!

Enjoy the rest of the photos from Phils. For better resolution, check out photography gallery with high quality pix.

The ironic part is, while happily click on my camera, I forgot to buy REAL mangoes instead, I only got packet mangoes! SOB SOB!

Overall, a value for money and experience to learn from in Phils.


Land of Food… Penang

From Singapore in Jan 2010, its Penang, Land of good and food.. Oh Boy..  There’s so many Hawker Food, every where you turn, its food.

The casualty.. add on weight. Form 82.2kg, to 85kg to 88.5kg! Right now, I am walking with a spare tire around. I don’t think my wife would be very impress with my tummy especially when it protrudes out this time. I can imagine her reaction..eeewwwww

Coming back to our Penang, its full of history, culture and traditions. Back in 1864, it started as a trading port for British East Indies in the Malaya Penisula. Rich in tradition, culture and historical building, it still maintain lots of traditions till today.

Total cost for the whole trip, less than SIN$400 bucks to Penang from Kota Kinabalu for the whole trip with plus accommodation with G-Hotel. Pretty cool hotel if you ask me. Spacious room, Strategically located and next door to Gurney Plaza and Gurney Hawker Center.  Food bill is so minimal, its not worth the effort calculating since we ate so much in Hawker Center.

For the first time in my life, I practically did a Hawker Food tour in Penang! From eating Cendol while standing to Nasi Padang Kahleel to Hawker Food!

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We visited Pinang Peranakan Mansion Home to Fort Cornwallis back to food again!.. LOL.. I wonder what my wife is thinking now. With a husband that is certified Overweight with all the good food inside!

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Whatever you do, don’t forget Tambun biscuits from Him Heang (signature biscuits). Its one of the signature biscuits in Penang. Somehow, I got a strange feeling we’ll be back! Dont know why though..

Just out of curiosity, have anyone tried Nutmeg juice?? If you do, let me know how it taste like. My taste bud wasn’t working that day.

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Lastly, try the Cendol. Dont expect that its in a coffeshop or Food court. Its not! That good old days of using your two legs, standing and eating. If you wanna try swatting down, why not!

If you need more information about food in Penang, google it up under Penang Food Guide. You’ll see a lot of MUST TRY food on the site. If you’re ever there, be very careful with the Taxis. They dont go with the meter and don’t try bargain at the taxi stand. Why? They have this fare guide. Make sure you look at the Fare Guide which is located at the taxi stand.

We managed to get a good Taxi Driver called Mr. Chin (Uncle Chin) who is very kind to bring us all around to signature places (practically our tour guide). We book him for 6 hours. If you’re ever there, look him up on 016-4728136.

Gee…. this article sounds like an advert for Penang! LOL……

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Hong Kong 2009

From Melbourne to Hong Kong 2009 in December.

For the first time, we spend Christmas out of Brunei! One might say we need the crowd or festive mood of Christmas. So Hong Kong, here we come.. Boy, did we bargain for it alright!!

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Lets put it this way, we even find difficult walking as there is so many people in Tim Sha Tsui. To top it off, during night time, there was some sort of concert which I have completely no idea what it was all about.

Carrying a lens to take picture was no easy task. Mainland Chinese doesn’t bother at allbut knock your equipment around. To top it off, there is no space for a tripod if I were to land it on the roads.

There are so many activities around, reporters are floating everywhere. Cops ensuring safety of patrons, Food stall and so on… Oh yeah, and people too! Most of them are from Mainland China who have the mula to spend.

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Turing from Gucci to LV, there are queues all around. I’ll be surprise if any popular store don’t have any queues handing around. I have yet to see any cash register in Hong Kong stop beeping.. Every 40 secs, it seems that someone buys something. While buying a mobile recharge card from 7-11 store, I calculated in 3 minutes of queuing up, their cash register beeped 9 times. That’s every 20 seconds at around 10.27pm. (yes, I was bored waiting)

I couldn’t believe that cruise ship arrives every 3 days with fresh load of tourist. Wow! And these are no ordinary sampan or boats you see in Kampong Ayer!

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That’s what Brunei needs. Population, Tourist attraction and some events to celebrate which brings crowd over. Gee… I wonder, if Christmas is just eating only in places where premium prices for your dinner.

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Surprising, its such a big thing over there, reporters keep covering all angles of the story. No wonder tourist keep flocking into Hong Kong.

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Melbourne in November 2009

Surprising how time flies. Especially when a lazy bum ass who has been neglecting my own blog. But then again, it has been a very fruitful couple of months in some other detail. Some of the blog entry have been jumping out of sequence (on dates).

So today, I allocated 1 hour just to update all my blog. Writing about events/activities which have been happening these past couple of months. Provided b-mobile dont fail me today.

In a perspective, so many things has changed in my life. Seriously, I dont know if its a point where new things are meant be. The calenders in Entourage have shown me that, almost every month, I have been doing a trip out of Brunei. Almost every trip are about 5 days or more!

But looking back at some of the pictures, I really miss Melbourne a lot. Especially my hobbies of diving and photography.! I found that Portsea is a place where I can dive! Good food, Great weather and no pollution. Good for my photography…. Enjoy some of the pictures.

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On this particular trip, the gears are EOS 5DMKII, EF 16-35mm f2.8 and EF-28-300mm F3.5-5.6L… More or less, I am pretty much complete!

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