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Category Archives: Visited Countries

Innovative kitchen

Looking for shark fins (dont worry, I didnt eat any), Try Chinatown (Yaowarat) in Thailand. Here, you get everything. From herbal medicine to variety of dried seafood including sharfins.

Those poor sharks. I still had the imagines of how baby milk sharks got caught in Jerudong market. They were alive when I purchase them for 8 bucks to be release back into the sea. 

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Taking a break

Can’t believe one month have pass since I updated my last entry. Talk about vacation! Wow.. a well spend month of break. Travelling all over Melbourne with my wife and trusty EOS 5DMKII, its sure a pleasure to have my hobby running all at the same time.

So, what to do in Melbourne, well, eat, sleep, travel, see new things and eat again. The food is simply unbelievable. Luckily, my nieces can keep me updated with places around Melbourne. I love the scenery down there. Especially blue skies and water.

Well, back to reality. Back to work. Gee… how I miss the good life. Oh, I will upload some pictures later. Seems that I haven’t shake off my lazy mood yet.

Back to Singapore

Wow.. Its been at least 6 months since I last flew to Singapore.  How time have flown. I know this post is supposed to be done after my return.

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Surprisingly, nothing has changed much in Singapore (normally they do) but the crowd is unbelievable. The trip coincide with SingTel’s Formula One event. And “No”, I wasn’t there for “THE RACE”. Just there to meet up an old Family Friend, enjoy food and shopping.

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It was also a time for moon cake festival. And boy! you wont believe the kind of crowd on Moon Cake. There is so many kinds of moon cake which I never knew it exist. Best of all, there’s sample to taste. Yum Yum.. If you want to skip dinner, turn up early to taste all the moon cakes in Takashimaya. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take much more pictures in Takashimaya. The security guard told me off for take pictures.

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If you ever have a spare budget, try buy one of these rock melon(above) from Japan. You won’t believe the quality and texture it has. It cost even more expensive in Japan.

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There is one grudge which I could not comprehend! The Taxi Fare..! What gives? 24 bucks from the airport where it used to be 12 bucks.. I simply do not get it. The cost of living in Singapore is no joke. Luckily, Thanks to the tax payers and good governance in Singapore, the buses and MRT are well connected. Or else, we sure need someone with big boobs to flag down taxis during peak period.

Anything else, is simply not important to me. But my wife sure have a great time there. The amount of time just choosing sunglass can be… eeerrr….I have no idea how to describe it. Its just woman.. Don’t ask, Don’ t say but Do Tell though. I have never seen anyone going through sunglass as she does.

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From Jakarta with Love.

Aah… Finally back to Brunei. After a week full of flight. From Kota Kinabalu, we took Air Asia to Jakarta. Boy, has that place really picked up. With 217 million population, there’s a huge change of pattern and life that would take a while to get use to.

After nearly a year, we met up with Tham, Elyse and the kids. It really brings us back memory lane when they were working in Brunei. Those days of hanging out in their home, eating and having fun, if there was a time machine, I would flip the switch without any hesitation of the consequences. 

I am glad that we took an opportunity to spend some time with Tham taking pictures around Jakarta. Man… Its sure an eye opener there. Those poor people  picking food from rubbish really makes my heart sinks down to the lower basement. What he really didn’t know is that, he taught me a lesson about poverty before my own eyes!



Who would ever believe that this person would pick and choose food from a rubbish dump bits by bits?

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A Tale of Two Koreas

Korea have been an eye opener. Not only have I understood tension behind North and South Korea, but the life style they possesses is unbelievable. Everything must be prompt, fast and with quality.

South Korea is full of security. Every corner is guarded by police or security guard. One of the contributors of such high security would be from North Korea. The tale starts from sabotage to assassination of presidents. To think that it comes from movies as action or thriller, it comes in reality in Korea. Who needs movies when there is reality! And it can be really cold there. Up in Pyong Yong, it was -7 degrees celcius. I was so ill-equip in my clothing. 




During the trip, we saw cultures, industrial sites, history and the infamous DMZ zone. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in some sensitive areas. Especially in tunnels which was discovered in the 90s when North Korea dug four tunnels to South Korea!! Wow…

But first, try and enjoy your flight down from Brunei -> Sin -> Korea. Total flight time, 9 hours and 8 hours waiting time in airport! Luckily, Changi Airport had free Wifi with lots shops still open as compared to my return.



Korean Folk Village

The only place in Korea that I got lost. Every house is build almost the same with mud fence. On my way back to the coach, I managed to trap myself in the backyard of the house. Took me around 10 minutes to get back. I was in the mist of calling someone but then again, as I look around, I cant even describe where I actually was since it all look the same!



A woman’s paradise. Dongdaemun Market and Namdaemun Market. I got confuse which opens late at night but close during the day. From there, you can shop till you drop. There are thousands of shops and 1 day would not be able to cover all of them! 

Make sure you grab your sports shoes. It really helps!



The DMZ Zone

The Joint Security Area (JSA) or Panmunjeom is often called “Truce Village” is the only place where North and South meet. This is the place where the historic Korean Armistice Agreement by General Nam II and General Harrison signed in 1953. Coupling with high tension, its also one of the scariest place where its first to go if something were to happen. Surprisingly, in 21st, such place still exist for First World country!

Due to the sensitivity of this area, too bad we never got to visit the area. Most are have No Photography posted plus ROK Army ensuring that we listen! The only pictures  that was allowed to be taken are tourist spots. 

I would love to see the legendary “Bridge of No Return” or “Freedom Bridge”. Too bad, its in one of the most sensitive area that is a no go for us.

Overall, Korea has been a very interesting trip! Yum… Yum.. I really miss all the food especially Kim Chi. I’ll definately try preparing some tonight. But first, fish sauce.

To Jane Ang and Asako Sakurai, Thank you for organizing this wonderful trip with Kamagaki -san. It have been great meeting everyone on this unforgettable trip. Not only have I learned a lot from classroom but experience them too.

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