Five years ago, I never knew anything about underwater photography. Like a blur sotong (cuttlefish), I did lots of self study and experiment (thanks to technology these days) and explore more about underwater housing and lighting.

My first scuba license was through Padi Instructors, Yeo Boon Kiat then with Norman Lim. I felt in love with salt water instantly on every Sunday.

Lots of people said or ask “Isn’t scuba diving dangerous?”, That is a good question when it comes to risk. That was the same question I had to ask myself in the beginning but in actual fact, its not. Its a myth that people tend to think its dangerous. What’s more dangerous, is that people without license and risk takers, not know what to do or when to do when situation arises are putting their life in undesirable situation.

After Advance Water, I went straight into photography. That’s when underwater photography took hold with my first Canon IXUS 300 with underwater casing (lost it during a break in at my house). From there, I went from Powershot S80, PowerShot G9 and finally, Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR (Ikelite Housing). All these Canon models comes with underwater casing.

All I can say is how lucky I was when Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. took notice on my underwater pictures. That is where in 2009, Underwater Picture calenders came into reality.  A special thanks to Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Matsumoto-san, Roland, Michelle and ICP Team), Vincent Goh (Interhouse Company), Lily Yong (my wife for being so patient, loving and understanding for all those Sundays) and Family members (who have been supportive of this task). Without all of these, the calenders would never have existed.

To everyone in especially in Brunei and Singapore, I hope you enjoy these additional pictures which I posted for you viewing pleasure. Feel free to use it for your wall paper or any other personal reasons.

If you decide to use it for commercial purposes, donate to Padi’s Project Aware, show me the receipt and you’ll have my full consent on that particular publication (1 Item only).

Project Aware is mostly privately funded by concerning individuals and businesses, you will be surprise that there won’t be any underwater pictures in Brunei Water.